Cuidar Project - Waste Pickers' Health Risk Mapping

The Cuidar Project is a joint initiative of WIEGO’s Social Protection Programme, Urban Policies Programme and Redesol, a second-level network of waste picker cooperatives in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. This initiative aimed to gather information on health risks waste pickers face and to understand workers’ coping strategies and access to public health services. Health risk mapping was conducted to investigate how workers’ physical and emotional well-being are impacted by workplace environments, infrastructure, and organizational processes. It was concluded the three most essential factors for establishing a healthier work environment are interpersonal relations within the cooperative, organized work processes, and proper infrastructure/equipment. Read the summary of key findings here.

Cite: Dias, Sonia, and Ana Carolina Ogando. Cuidar Project – Waste Pickers’ Health Risk Mapping. Cambridge, MA, USA: WIEGO.

See here an infographic created by WIEGO demonstrating some of their results from the Cuidar Project.

Most recently, WIEGO oversaw an ergonomics workshop with waste pickers from Redesol, Cataunidos and Catavales, as part of the action-component to the Cuidar Project. Please see the photo news report to learn more on how waste pickers participated in an exercise routine and more.

Cuidar health risks mapping project ergonomic workshop.