Do you want a mentor?

We all can benefit from having  a mentor at some stage of our career, whether we are a young person just beginning our career, or a grizzled veteran embarking on a different aspect of a field like OHS, that we may have been have been involved in for years.

The hardest part of acquiring a mentor is  asking – and asking effectively. This morning I came across this article on Lifehacker that offers excellent advice on connecting with a mentor.

This article is about mentoring in general, but the advice it offers applies equally to all mentor/mentee relationships, particularly the part about being intentional about the relationship. The more specific you are in outlining your expectations and the more responsible you are in honoring your obligations to the relationship, the more likely the experience is going to be fruitful for both you and your mentor.
This article implies that your mentor is someone in your workplace or is someone you know. The mentor you seek through WHWB will usually not be known to you and will be paired with you by the mentoring coordinator. While WHWB will do its best to pair you with a suitable mentor, we can only work with the information you provide. The more specific you can be, the greater the chances that your mentorship will be successful.
You can find an application for the WHWB mentor program here. Because the form may not be sufficiently specific to address your particular needs, you should include with your request an email providing any additional information you think would assist in the mentor selection process.