Egypt Brick Kilns and Pottery Works

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Dr. Bahira Lotfy and Steven Verpaele produced a report on a pottery works and the Arab Abo Saed brick kilns at theAl Saaf Area outside Cairo. The goal of this report was to work toward providing the casual workers and area residents with healthcare including environmental health services. This work included a health and environmental survey of workers and productive units to identify chronic occupational and work-and-environment related illnesses in both areas, through identifying the availability of professional healthcare services and a basic sound environment for workers and residents in both areas. This would contribute to reducing disease burden of workers, by early detection and management of illnesses, as well as in-depth health and environmental studies using vital indicators and criteria indicating exposure, effects and vulnerability. They also hope to reduce disease and fatigue among workers by designing training programs and awareness campaigns for healthy workplace practices. To see more of their report, follow this link: Fawakeer and Arab Abo Saed brick kiln report.