Typical Projects

Waste Workers Occupational Safety and Health

Training Recycling Workers

Structural Dump, Brasilia, Brazil​

A five-session training course was a continuation of the activities of the Stop, Think and Discard (PPD) program. This program is responsible for providing health promotion workshops focusing on topics addressed in the 2017 health questionnaire regarding health outcomes of the scavengers working in the Structural dump.With results from the survey, priorities were identified for health education, which formed the basis of the training sessions.


Surveying Disease Vector Proliferation

Structural City, Brasilia, Brazil

The open dump in an area adjacent to the National Park of Brasilia caused environmental changes that encourage the proliferation of disease vectors. The objective of this project was to investigate the entomofauna of the Structural city, whose location borders the national park, open dump, a river, and small vegetable farms, and assess the impact on health conditions of the population and waste workers.

Lead Biomonitoring in Children of Waste Workers

Brasilia, Brazil

Lead exposure in childhood is of particular concern because it can cause severe neurological and behavioral disorders. This research project aimed to compare lead biomarkers in children of waste pickers living in the contaminated region of the Structural city, to children of non-waste pickers living in other areas of Brasilia. Additionally, teeth were examined to identify dental issues including carious lesions, teeth undergoing exfoliation, and structural defects in enamel, and then correlated with physical and mental conditions.