Charitable alliance between Vitacore Industries (Vancouver, BC) and WHWB

VItacore Industries is a Vancouver based, Canadian manufacturer of respirators including their proprietary CAN95 and CAN99 (equivalent to N95 and N99) surgical masks. The great news is that they are readily available in Canada and can be ordered online. In addition, Health Canada has certified both the CAN95 and CAN99 as being authorized for use. This follows on their successful European qualification (CE) and upcoming NIOSH certification.
Workplace Health Without Borders (WHWB International) and Vitacore Industries are looking for Canadian and Global Charity partners to deploy these respirators where there are shortages and global supply chain challenges.
Registered Non-Government Agencies (NGO’s) can enquire about partnership with WHWB directly as they can find out more about how face filtering respirators can reduce exposure to Coronaviruses and receive seek advice including program requirements and facilitation.    

Both WHWB (International) and Vitacore Industries are working together voluntarily and can provide options including the provision of respirators at wholesale cost (with Donor purchase) or in certain situations, as a Gift in Kind (GIK). 

“On the ground NGOs” are encouraged to approach WHWB via this link to engage regional partners for supply.  The NGO should have some Canadian connections and must demonstrate that they are credible, have the resources to manage the logistics as well as oversee the logistics for any regional/local partners. More information can be found through Workplace Health Without Borders (International).  
Vitacore Industries was started by enterprising Engineer/Scientists with a heart to help Canadian Supply chain issues in PPE Technology. They hope to provide world-class solutions based in Vancouver, BC in order to provide the very best in Masks for Surgical and Non-surgical applications. Their current philanthropy has included helping organizations in India, St. Vincent and across Canada.