Membership in WHWB will allow you to work with us on a variety of projects around the world.  If you are interested in furthering the objectives of WHWB as set forth in our Strategic Framework document, please consider joining WHWB by filling out the application form, available at the links below. The form is available as a fillable PDF or as a Word document, either of which can be downloaded and filled out on your computer.

Note that if you select the PDF version, an image of it it will open on your screen. Do not try to fill out this image. You must download the PDF file to your computer first, and then open and fill out the form. If you are using a word processor other than Microsoft Word, you may have difficulties with the Word document. If this happens, please try the fillable PDF version, but remember that you cannot fill out the PDF form until you have downloaded it to your computer. If you merely fill out the form’s image on screen, without first saving the file to your computer, we will receive a blank form.

Save the completed form as YourName.pdf or Yourname.docx and submit a copy as an email attachment to: Please check that the form you attach to your email is complete before sending it. If you have difficulties filling out the form, please contact us by email at

Important: To avoid possibly having your membership application overwritten by another person’s application received shortly after,  please rename the file to your name as: Yourname.pdf or Yourname.doc before sending. If you do not do this and your application is overwritten, you will have to repeat the application process.

Download Membership Form

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