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Roofer pays civil penalty after teen work falls to death

via Business Insurance News

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An Alabama roofing contractor has paid a $117,175 penalty that was issued after a 15-year-old worker died during a 50-foot fall…. The teenager, who was on the first day of the job, fell from the roof of a Cullman Casting Corp. building and suffered fractures of the skull, wrist and ribs along with other severe injuries, the DOL said. The teen died at the scene of the incident.

USDOL’s announcement on the fine is found here.

And, from CBS News, comes the following story about the health hazards of exposure to silica dust. While the danger to a person’s lungs from exposure to silica dust has been recognized by health and safety professionals for some time, this news story shows that the problem is far from solved, and many workers are still unaware of the seriousness of the risks.

Workers who cut crushed quartz countertops say they are falling ill. Read the CBS Article Here:

Two WHWB webinars on the topic of silica exposure from engineered stone presented a year ago highlighted the issue. They can be viewed here and here.