What We Do

WHWB engages in global occupational health and safety activities to foster improved worker health.

Since 2011 we have organized volunteers to address the problem of improving occupational health and safety for workers around the world.

Some of our work has involved conducting research in the field to evaluate worker exposures to hazardous agents such as silica.

We also conduct occupational hygiene training sessions collaborating  with agencies and institutions in host countries using  training materials developed by the Occupational Hygiene Training Authority (OHTA), delivered by professional occupational hygienists.

Training sessions have been conducted in Africa and South-East Asia. Future training sessions had been planned but the Covid-19 pandemic has caused our training committee to rethink these plans. They are now investigating the possibility of offering online training instead.

Other projects have involved connecting occupational health professionals around the world with more experienced professionals through our mentoring program.

Our Brick Kiln group is collaborating with local health scientists in several countries on research projects assessing the risk of silica exposure to workers in brick making in these countries.

Our Waste Workers Occupational Safety and Health group is working on assessing the health hazards of workers involved in waste handling and recycling.

Brick Kiln Worker Silica Exposure Study

The Brick Kiln study group is an international group of researchers working to improve the working environment for workers in one of the oldest industries on earth.

Occupational Hygiene Training in Vietnam

Training is provided to the occupational technologist level  using training materials developed by the Occupational Hygiene Training Authority (OHTA).