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Workplace Health Without Borders – Australia (WHWB-AUS) was incorporated as a business in December 2018 and became a charity in September 2021. It is a branch of the International body and serves to promote health and hygiene in the Australian region. Our role is to work with all the existing WHWB bodies such that all workers may have a safe work place and return home healthy every day.

We are inviting people to join our organisation and lend their expertise, enthusiasm and time to fundraising and developing projects to help prevent occupational illness. Anyone studying, working or interested in occupational health, safety and hygiene is welcome to join. Please note, there is a small annual membership fee of $30 AUD.



A world where workers do not get sick because of their work.



To engage the occupational health professions in ensuring that workers and employers throughout the world have the knowledge and technical means to prevent work-related disease. Our strategic Framework is available here:  Strategic Framework for WHWB Australia.

WHWB Award Winners

In 2022 RED OHMS GROUP kindly donated 2 places in the W201 Basic Principles Course
We congratulate the winners:

FY 2022 Winner: Teneille Koenig   

FY 2023 Winner: Dr Chandnee Ramkissoon

After attending the RED OHMS Group Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene course, I have already started to put into practice some of the learnings from the course. As a health and safety professional, I concede that often the health aspect of “health and safety” is often not given the same consideration and focus as Safety. The Basic Principles of Hygiene course, emphasised and confirmed the requirement for Occupational Hygiene as a specialised field.

Easily relating the content back to real life situations in the field and taking questions relevant to participants current work environments made the material easy to understand and applicable to field use. 

I’d like to thank Workplace Health Without Boarders for the opportunity to attend and the RED OHMS Group for providing a fantastic course and facilities as the host.

(March 2022 Winner, Teneille Koenig)


I am a researcher in occupational health, focusing primarily on the prevention of lung disease from exposure to crystalline silica in dust generating industries. Since attending the W201 course, I have been able to confidently further my research on silica dust monitoring and importantly, branch into new research avenues of occupational hygiene. This is because the W201 course provided an excellent foundation of this discipline through theoretical and practical learnings of various occupational hygiene topics. I learned so much from Elaine and Simon – both engaging presenters who used their wealth of knowledge and years of industry experience to relate theory to real-life examples in the workplace.

I highly recommend the W201 Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene to professionals and practitioners looking to build a foundation in occupational hygiene. I would like to thank the WHWB the RED OHMS Group for this amazing learning opportunity.

(July 2022 Winner: Dr Chandnee Ramkissoon)

One of our key objectives is to link up occupational hygiene mentors with mentees, you can help: become an occupational hygiene mentor.

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If you would like to join us please email us for an application form: whwbaus@whwb.org

We are seeking new members, but also donations, grants and volunteers for our work