WHWB-UK Branch Update

Hello Everyone at UK Branch Workplace Health Without Borders (WHWB-UK)    

 We invite you to look at the slides of our WHWB-UK Project updates as presented at the Branch & AGM Meeting on 26th September. 

Below are fundraising links to some of our projects, plus other important links, and news: 

WHWB-UK Project Links  

  • Ghana: Dave Rogers presented his projects at OH2023. Both projects are in the Informal Sector – roadside mechanics and small-scale mining operations. In addition to an AIHA micro-grant and WHWB funding, donations are also welcome via this GoFundMe link
  • Mombasa Kenya: Abdulqadir Suleiman and Bayo Awosanya on Noise and Hearing Conservation for the Jua Kali informal metal workers in Mombasa Kenya are continuing to extend their project to more workers in this group. The noise exposure of metal workers is illustrated in the video clip shown here.
    Abdulqadir presented on this at OH2023.

In addition to AIHA grant funding for which we are gratified, we welcome donations towards this project and our other UK projects via our new GoFundMe link here.

We welcome all donations large and small. A copy of Dave Zalk’s book “Control Banding” is available on request for a donation of £20 or more. We are always grateful for your support. 

Silica e-Learning course: The Silica e-Learning tool can be accessed on the WHWB-UK page at this link.

Asbestos Working Group: Alec Farquhar of WHWB presented on the Asbestos Working Group at OH2023. A series of webinars with some input from WHWB-UK and HSE have been held this year and many more are planned. A conference is also planned in 2024 in Hanoi, Vietnam. To get involved with the Working Group, please contact Alec Farquhar, afarquhar7@gmail.com

Other Projects: Details of other projects are in this slide deck