The Working Group on Young Workers calls for renewed commitment to the workforce of the future.  

Our aim is to help youth learn and develop their full capacities as workers and members of society.  

Here is how we might do this:

First, sign up to the Working Group so that we can hear about your priorities, concerns and ideas!

(web address ….this will be added after the page is complete)


Second, let’s create a platform for younger workers, especially in the Global South, to discuss:

  1. What is it really like to be a child/youth at work?  Documentaries, word pictures, photos – in short, let’s hear how you see things 
  2. Who is wanting training and mentoring? What kind of training?  What language?
  3. What’s new in tools, studies or actions that we should know about?

Third, we can do our own action.  

It can be a global call to action on the four worst dangers for working youth, or It can be an information campaign on what is OK/not OK (unsafe) for youth to do.

It can be an on-the-ground project to stop youth being exposed to:

  • bullying, intimidation, lack of voice in the workplace
  • heavy metals (lead, mercury) or toxic agents (pesticides, cleaners, noise)

Finally, we can advocate for the voice and rights of young workers’ rights in policy and laws.

Too often the attention of the big international agencies is only on adults.

Young workers need a place at the table in discussions at conferences and on SDGs.